Natural Egg Membrane Collagen Experts:   

One decade of experiences in Natural  Egg Membrane Collagen Research.


Chicken Sternum Collagen II Specialists:
One decade of experiences in Collagen II Research.


Fermentation Experts:
Over20 years of experiences in process development for enzymes, small molecules and biopharmaceuticals.

Application Specialists:
One decade of experiences in developing enzyme applications.

Customized Solutions Providers:
Over 15 years of S&T consultation for broad spectrum of Biotech industries.










Welcome to Microcore Research Labs

Microcore develops and manufactures nutritional ingredients and medical foods, driven by a deep core of cutting-edge, proprietary technologies. Since its establishment in 2007, the company has enjoyed accelerated growth, generating impressive sales worldwide, by launching a diverse portfolio of innovative products.

The visionary was founded by Shri M. Chandra Mohan an Entrepreneurial Scientist with the aim to discover, develop innovative and highly potent Nutraceuticals and intelligent food products to support healthy life.


R&D infrastructure, Process development  and Production facility is located in Erode, Textile and Turmeric City of South India.  Our cumulative experiences over 20  years in research, operation and manufacturing has catalyst scientific and industrial research with key focus on developing sustainable technologies, primarily dealing with innovative and highly potent  Nutraceutical, Medical foods to treat Arthritis and Osteoporosis.


For the first time in India, Microcore manufacture  high pure Natural Egg Membrane Collagen ranges


of products through patent registered technogies in FSSAI, GMP,ISO-22000 and Halal approved facility.



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Registered nine patents with Indian Patent Organization...

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R & D is a fundamental part of Microcore's core strategy. We use our knowledge in biotechnology ...

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