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Microcore envision to discover, develop and manufacture clinically validated specialty nutraceuticals, it's driven by a deep core of cutting-edge, innovative and patented technologies. Microcore has evolved, since its inception in 2007 from a research company to a fully-integrated, innovation-led, emerging global Nutraceuticals enterprise committed to reduce therapy costs of chronic conditions like Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis, Osteo-penia, Rheumatoid arthritis and Inflammatory diseases.

The visionary was founded by Shri
M.Chandra Mohan an Entrepreneurial Scientist who is a Microbiologist & Bio-Process engineer. His vision is to develop highly innovative and potent Nutraceuticals as intelligent food supplements to support healthy life. He firmly believed the conceptualization of "MADE IN INDIA" hence he single handedly made the enablement with strong support of his dedicated and loyal employees. He is so certain to dedicate his life time earnings in to research  (2007-2017) to visualize the concept of "MADE IN INDIA" His professional  experiences includes Associate Scientific Manager at Biocon Ltd and also served as Scientific & Technical consultant for more than 500 companies on broad spectrum of Pharma biotech, Biologicals, Bio-similar, Nutraceuticals, Food Processing, API, Enzymes etc in both domestic and overseas. He invested all his consultation revenues for his dedicated research and established the commercial activities from 2018 for both Domestic and export business.

He was not supported with any private or federal funds or schemes for his innovative research, perhaps today it remains valuable intellectual  property rights. Bankers saw him as high risk and Govt schemes has rejected his proposals and he was so determined not to engage international partners who are keen to  buy Microcore's technologies and make him to Quit the development once for all. However his single minded dedications made the establishment "MADE IN INDIA" and today his innovations helps to  largely cut down the import duty of the Natural Egg Shell Membrane & Un-denatured Collagen Type-ii from USA and enabled to contribute GDP. It took one decade for him to develop many such innovative nutraceuticals molecules. Humbly, today Microcore is one among the four companies in the world that has advanced, patented technologies and supported with  regulatory compliances and, clinical studies. Today Microcore is  emerging as Asia's largest manufacturer for specialty Nutraceuticals.


The R&D infrastructure, Process development and Production facilities are located in Erode (15,000 sqm ) & Tiruchirappalli  to Karur  boarder (12 Acres), in the belt of  Textile and Turmeric Cities of South India. Microcore in-house R&D is  RECOGNIZED by DEPARTMENT OF SCIENTIFIC AND INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH (DSIR) - GVT OF INDIA. Cumulative experiences over 22 years in research, operation and manufacturing is the catalyst  to develop many scientific innovation and scaled up at Industrial scales with key focus on developing sustainable technologies and products , primarily dealing with Osteo-arthritis | Osteoporosis | Osteo-penia | Rheumatoid Arthritis | BONE | JOINTS| SKIN |CONNECTIVE TISSUES/ HAIR/ NAIL wellness.


Hold intellectual property rights for Natural Egg Shell Membrane and Un-denatured Collagen Type -II

FIRST INDIAN COMPANY that Received functional health claim from CENTRAL/FSSAI/STD/DELHI

"Natural Egg Shell Membrane is for Healthy Maintenance of Joints and Connective Tissues"

Branded Bio-actives| MUTTAIJOW COMPLEX®| AKBACORE®| CUMINCORE®| Supported by Scientific Studies.


100% SAFE 100% RESULTS & 100% MADE IN INDIA |


Message from CMD Desk

Microcore  is a an unique example for the development of the sustainable technologies on "MADE IN INDIA" with persistent efforts we could  establish  *     RAW MATERIAL is "MADE IN INDIA" *        Patented TECHNOLOGY is "MADE IN INDIA" *         Formulation Technology is "MADE IN INDIA"  *      Product is "MADE IN INDIA" *   Innovator is Citizen of India *      Clinical Studies are Conducted on Osteo-arthritis patients  in India (Citizen of India)  and foresee  as potential global  player in Biotech based  Nutraceuticals.

It is a great honor to be ranked and chosen amongst an overwhelming number of 37134 nominations filed by SMEs from all over the country and we are delighted to share our happiness with you that MICROCORE  is a winner of  INDIA SME TOP 100 award


What are the pipelines of Microcore?


What are the Benefits of Microcore's  Natural Egg Shell Membrane?


Scientifically, NESM is inner matrix found inside the egg and it is a complex protein molecule that has natural composition of collagen (I,III,V,X), elastin, chondroitin sulfate, glucosamino glycan, hyaluronic acid and many fractional active bio-peptides, it serves as nutrient Powerhouse of numerous Glycosaminoglycans, dermatan and keratan sulphate. It is available at pH range of 7.5 to 9 and also serves an alkaline food and serves in multiple ways to improve health system. These fractional molecules are in complex nature, it helps as Nutraceuticals or health supplement and strongly influence on maintaining healthy joints and connective tissues and help the OA  patients.


What are the results of Clinical Studies on Natural Egg Shell Membrane?



Worldwide many clinical studies are well documented for the benefits and advantages of NESM. With references to Clinical studies NCT00750477, NCT00750854, NCT00750230, NCT02751944 and CTRI/2021/08/035335 (MICROCORE) these studies consolidated  NESM for many health benefits that includes


Microcore is the first company that has successfuly completed clinical studies to prove that Natural Egg Shell Membrane based Nutraceuticals combinations are equivalent or better than Diacerin based drug Combinations, for more details pl refer | http://jointcore.us/


A randomized, open‑label, multicentered parallel‑group clinical study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of Joint Core TM compared to Jointace DN TM in osteoarthritis patients  2022 Journal of Current Research in Scientific Medicine | Published by Wolters Kluwer  Medknow jcrsm_21_22_R2_OA 10.4103/jcrsm.jcrsm_21_22  



(a) Activate level of nuclear factor kappa-light-chain-enhancer of activated B cells ("NF-kB") in the gut of the host helps in NF-kBdys-regulations.

(b) Reduces both early-phase pro-inflammatory cytokines like IL-1β and TNF-α, as well as several other cytokines involved in later phases of the inflammatory process.

(c) Control Liver enzymes in normal ranges alanine transaminase (ALT) & aspartate transaminase (AST).

(d) Helps in treating a non-diseased human having joint stiffness and discomfort.

(e) Helps in treating a human suffering from fibromyalgia.

(f) Eggshell membrane supplementation has been shown to reduce exercise-induced joint pain and stiffness and lower urinary excretion of C-terminal cross-linked telopeptide of type-II collagen (uCTX-II), a marker of cartilage degradation, in healthy, postmenopausal women.

(g) Treatment of Pain and Stiffness Associated with Knee.

(h) Improvement in the appearance of facial skin and hair reduces and or stop the hair fall and hair damages.

(h) Improvement in the appearance of facial skin and hair reduces and or stop the hair fall and hair damages.

(i) Suppression of TNF-α  IFN-γ.
(j) Reduced levels of IL-6, IL-10

(k) Works on root cause of Arthritis



Microcore has two ranges of branded Natural Egg Shell membrane that includes Muttaijow Complex ® and Muttaiodu jow ®which are clinically studied. The clinical studies conducted by Microcore entitled as Randomized, open label, multicenter parallel group clinical study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of Joint Core ® in osteoarthritis patients, it illustrates the advantages of Joint Core®. Perhaps it is clinically validated nutraceutical formulations supplemented for Osteoarthritis and Arthritis and manufactured by Microcore Research Labs India Pvt Ltd.


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Exclusive facility for Animal Nutrition and Probiotics

Technologies developed by Microcore, to produce advanced probiotics for weight gain in Layers (Poultry) know more 

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Reduction of over all tiredness.


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Exclusive Business partner- India

MICROCORE has completed 5 th year of exclusive partnership with Maxcure Nutravedics Ltd and Akums Drugs & Pharmaceuticals for the exclusive rights to produce, supply and commercialize products containing Natural Egg Shell Membrane MUTTAIODUJOW®  & MUTTAIJOW COMPLEX® In the Indian market. Akums Pharmaceuticals is one of largest contract research and manufacturing organizations in India, responsible for manufacturing approximately 12%-13% of all drugs and dietary supplements consumed in the country. The company has eleven state of the art manufacturing facilities dedicated to drugs and dietary supplements.

Akums Drugs  Pharma

Maxcure Nutravedics - India
Frequently ask Questions

Ask Questions

  • Why  Microcore's  Natural Egg Shell Membrane ? (Muttaijow Complex®  & Muttaiodu Jow ®)

    it is Natural way of improving your health by adding novel dietary supplement. It contains naturally occurring Collagen Type-I, III, V &,X Elastin, Chondroitin Sulfate , Glycosaminoglycans, Membranous protein, Hyaluronic acid etc and other fractional molecules that includes, Growth factor β, Ovocalixin, Ovocleidin, Ovotransferrin, Desmosine, Isodesmosine and Sulphur-bearing amino acids as essential to maintaining healthy joint and connective tissues,

  • Does  Microcore's Natural Egg Shell Membrane have functional Claim and Clinical Studies?  

    Yes the Microcore Natural Egg Shell Membrane are Clinically Validated pl refer www.jointcore.us for more details? . Both bulk ingredient and the formulated or finished products are available for commercial. Received functional claim from FSSAI/DELHI/STD that Natural Egg Shell Membrane is for Healthy Maintenance of Joints and Connective Tissues.

  • What are the specialty of Microcore's Undenatured Collagen Type II ?

    Microcore Undenatured Collagen Type II is made from chicken sternum grown by backward integration.  It is produced from ISO-22000,GMP, FSSAI/CL, HALAL certified and by Patent Granted Technologies. The specialty is that it contains integrated epitope or antigencity. Undenatured Collagen II make Dendritic cells (DCs) in GALT take it up in its glycosylated form. This makes T helper cells recognize the antigen epitopes, inducing an initial mild immune response and then gradually developing  ORAL TOLERANCE  thereby attenuating the immune response against cartilage collagen II. This stimulates T regulatory cell and suppresses T helper cell stimulation and response therefore, endogenous collagen synthesis, or collagen peptide supplementation can be more effective once inflammatory cartilage collagen destruction is suppressed. Microcore's Undenatured collagen is not  as supplied as  independent ingredient, it is supplied only as formulated or finished product.

  • What are the product ranges from ChickenSternum ?

    Natural CHICKEN STERNUM COMPLEX  and Purified  UNDENATURED TYPE II COLLAGEN from Chicken Sternum. Available in the form of formulated or finished products only. Sales of  independent ingredients are not available.

  • What are the pipeline  products of Microcore?

    Natural Egg Shell Calcium, Calcite, Hydroxy Appatitie, Insoluble Dietary fiber from BG, Plant based PUFA from FRIED BENGAL GRAM , Lactobacillus salivarius


  • How significantly Microcore's products are different from Others ?


    Microcore is the only company in India that hold Patent, Complete regulatory compliance and Registered Trade Mark for the Natural Egg Shell Membrane and Chicken Sternum Collagen Type -II product ranges. Microcore promotes   branded bioactive which are clinically studied and validated. Microcore don't have any distributor or agencies for the same. Kindly be aware that many fake products are sold at low cost and that do  not have any medical advantages and Microcore would not be responsible for such fake products purchased from other companies.


  • How to differentiate Microcore's products from Unethical products ?


    Microcore would supply the products with clinical Study report and complete regulatory documents directly and we don't have any distributors in  any parts of India, hence please do not relay on low cost suppliers and that would disintegrate the efficacy of your finished products.