Calci-Curcumin  Innovative molecule for Bone Mineral Density

What is Calci-Curcumin?

Microcore has more than two decades of experiences in research, manufacturing and scale up of Natural Egg Shell Membrane and the new innovations helps us to  bind the nano curcumin in to Egg Shell Calcium with innovative technologies by increasing the porosity of the Egg Shell Calcium. Microcore NESCŪ  is high pure calcium carbonate made from egg shells and that contains small amounts of micro-elements, such as strontium a and that has  additional effect on bone metabolism over purified calcium perhaps the Technologies developed by Microcore is  by increasing the porosity of the granulated Microcore NESCŪ and bounded with the Nano curcumin remains the most appropriate combinations to help STRENGTHENING  BONE MINERAL DENSITY IN OSTEOporosis PATIENTS.



Calci-Curcumin helps as potential source of the calcium, strontium and nano curcumin  and targeted to improve the bone mineral density in Osteo-porosis patients. The calcium is free from heavy metals or negligible heavy metals.
Frequently Ask Questions

  • Where it is used ?

    To help as direct as oral supplement to improve the bone mineral density and clinical studies are under progress.


  • What are the advantages of Calci-Curcumin ?

    Free from HM or volume down  and helps to improve the  bone mineral density in Osteo-porosis.

  • How  the Calci-Curcumin are produced by Microcore ?

    Microcore has developed unique technologies by increasing the porosity of Microcore NESCŪ  and binding the Nano curcumin.


  • When the Calci-Curcumin  will be launched by Microcore ?

    The clinical studies and are under progress and Microcore is expected to launch it by 2024






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