Cicerpro -  Vegan Protein  from Fried Bengal Gram (GOOD pDAACS )

What is CicerPro?

Bengal gram, also known as 'black chana' or garbanzo beans is a highly beneficial pulse belonging to the chickpea family. Bengal gram is highly nutritious , has a rich flavour and aroma, is amazingly delicious and gets easily digested. It is used as a healthy diet to treat malnutrition in children.  Microcore studies confirms that the roasted Bengal gram has the low molecular mass protein when compared with when compared with native bengal gram (whole, dhal).Roasted bengal gram contains rich in protein (22.5gm), low moisture content (10.7gm), low fat (5.2 gm), rich in carbohydrate (59.8%), higher Energy Kcal (372 mg) than Bengal gram whole and dhal. Higher amount of arginine (570 mg/gm), methionine (440 mg/gm), tryptophan (360 mg/gm) and leucine (580 mg/gm) for roasted bengal gram when compared with Bengal gram whole and dhal were analyzed using amino acid profile. In elemental analysis, Roasted bengal gram contains higher amount of phosphorous (96.90gm), Calcium (139.75gm), Magnesium (4.98gm) and iron (4.25gm) when compared with Bengal gram (whole, dhal). Moderate amount of sodium (129.40gm) was present in roasted bengal gram. The SDS-PAGE  result evident that the unique of puffing and roasting method helps the deoplymerize the molecular mass and enhances solubility and protein digestibility of the roasted Bengal gram protein and intended to be used in malnutrition in children.

Collaboration with Jeyyam Foods

MIcrocore is glad to joint hands with Jeyyam Foods, Originating from Tamilnadu, India, Jeyyam is a food product brand catering to the kitchens of Tamilians across the globe. With more than 40 years of experience in manufacturing and Asia's largest manufacturer of Fried Gram Dhal which remains the fundamental clean and graded raw material for the purification of the Cicer Pro.

Jeyyam brand has earned the trust and loyalty of its distributors, retailers and customers solely for its best quality Pulses, Dal varieties, Ready-to-Cook (RTC) and Ready-to-Eat (RTE) products.






Less than 20 KD Mass of the Fried grab protein with good PDAACS would be a boon for the man kind and we at Microcore constantly working on various methods of fomrulations with probiotics to make a unique and special protein for the health management , bone mineral density support .

Frequently Ask Questions

  • Where it is used ?

    To help as health supplement to improve the malnutrition, bone mineral density, protein management and clinical studies are under progress.


  • What are the advantages of Cicerpro ?

    Less than 20 KD mass, good digestibility with more than 90% protein

  • How  the Cicerpro are produced by Microcore ?

    Microcore has developed unique enzymatic technologies  by green chemistry.


  • When the Cicerpro  will be launched by Microcore ?

    The clinical studies and are under progress and Microcore is expected to launch it by 2024






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