Research and Development - Egg Shell Calcite

Negligible qty of heavy metals make it as  biggest advantages of using egg shell for the production of calcium carbonate and calcite. The eggshell powder can be utilized as a food additive, anti-microbial agent, fertilizer, etc. Eggshell contains about 4% organic matter and a substantial amount of calcium and other minerals, including magnesium and zinc. Dried eggshell particles contain approximately 94% calcium carbonate, with 39% of the compound being absorbable calcium. Natural calcium sources not only contain calcium but also magnesium, phosphorous and zinc.

Microcore is developing process for the conversion of 95% Calcium carbonate (Egg Shell Calcium) in to Calcite. Calcium carbonate is thermally decomposed to yield Calcium Oxide as a white solid further measures are taken care to avoid the reverse reactions .Currently the process is at semi pilot scale and very soon it will be scaled up.