Egg yolk antibodies (IgY) Advanced purifications Technologies

What is Egg yolk antibodies (IgY) ?

Microcore has more than two decades of experiences in research, manufacturing and scale up of many Nutra-bioceuticals and Theraputicals. Our new innovations helps us to develope unique and GRAS Green technology for the purification of (IgY). Egg yolk constitutes a relevant alternative source of antibodies. It presents some advantages over mammalian serum immunoglobulin regarding productivity, animal welfare and specificity. The main immunoglobulin present in avian blood (IgY) is transmitted to their offspring and accumulates in egg yolks, which enables the non-invasive harvesting of high amounts of antibodies. Moreover, due to structural differences and phylogenetic distance, IgY is more suitable for diagnostic purposes than mammalian antibodies, since it does not react with certain components of the human immune system and displays greater avidity for mammalian conserved proteins. IgY has been extensively used in health researches, as both therapeutic and diagnostic tool. (IgY) is an antigen-specific antibody produced by B lymphocytes and accumulated in the yolk of chicken eggs.



Specific IgY molecule has a structure similar to that of IgG, with two heavy chains (H), each one with a molecular weight of 67 to 70 kDa, and two light chains (L), with 25 kDa. The light chains have one constant region (CL) and one variable region (VL), similar to IgG. The major difference between IgY and IgG is found at the heavy chains. IgG has three constant regions at the heavy chains (CH1-CH3), while IgY has four constant regions (CH1-CH4) . A further constant domain, with the corresponding carbohydrate chains, gives IgY a higher molecular weight (180 kDa) in comparison to IgG (150 kDa).

  • Where it is used ?

    Specific (IgY) antibodies are a relevant alternative to use as antimicrobials in human and veterinary health in the face of the emergence of resistant bacteria. 


  • What are the advantages of Specific (IgY) molecule ?

     Specific (IgY) molecule could be used in the prophylaxis of C. difficile infection, as well as an immunotherapeutic to eliminate the remaining spores on the intestines

     Specific (IgY) molecule against HP-Nap protein, the main virulence factor of H. pylori, significantly inhibited the adhesion of the bacterium to an AGS cells culture

    The therapeutic potential of IgY against bacterial respiratory tract infections has also been considered. IgY against Mycobacterium tuberculosis increased the proliferation of PBMC (peripheral blood mononuclear cells).

     Specific (IgY) moleculehas also been tested as a potential therapeutic resource in oral infections against Prevotella intermedia. Specific IgY inhibited bacterial growth in liquid medium and showed therapeutic activity in rats with P. intermedia induced gingivitis.

     Specific (IgY) molecule against the bacterium Aeromonas salmonicida, the causative agent of ulcers on fish skin, was added, in powder form, to the water in which Koi carp (Cyprinus carpio koi) ornamental fish were raised

  • How  the  Specific (IgY) molecule are produced by Microcore ?

    Microcore has developed unique Green GRAS and  multi stage purification technologies to produce IgY from Egg Yolk Balls.

  • When the Specific (IgY) molecule will be launched by Microcore ?

    The developments are at lab scale and expected to complete clinical studies and further launch  by 2025






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