NESC ® (Natural Egg Shell Calcium)


Innovative Technology by enhanced porosity coupled nano binding - Delivered to reduce the risk of osteoporosis & Osteopenia

What NESC ® ?

NESC® is NATURAL EGG SHELL CALCIUM  is made by innovative technologies  based on enhancing the porosity of micro granular Egg Shells and nano  binding  methods develped by Microcore and  both the ingredient and the brands are approved by FSSAI/STD/DELHI. The clinical studies of the  NESC®   is under progress and it delivers the  high pure calcium carbonate with strontium made from egg shells and that contains Zinc, Magnesium, Iron and phosphorus  with excellent relative bioavailability and relative absorptions  and it has  additional benefits  on bone metabolism over purified calcium perhaps and remains the most appropriate combinations to help on  STRENGTHENING  BONE MINERAL DENSITY IN OSTEOporosis  & osteopenia PATIENTS. Bone mass was assessed by speed of sound (SOS) (m/s). The T-score was calculated by using the SOS value, many clinical references indicated that the  T-scores of the eggshell calcium group were significantly higher than those of the calcium carbonate group.



NESC ® helps as potential source of the calcium, strontium and targeted to improve the bone mineral density in Osteo-porosis patients. NESC® is free from heavy metals or negligible heavy metals.

Frequently Ask Questions

  • Where NESC® is used ?

     It is used as Calcium supplement with 40% elemental calcium and helps as oral supplement to improve the bone mineral density  and helps to avoid the risk of the osteoporosis.


  • What are the advantages of NESC ® ?

    NESC ® is  a pure form of the Calcium Carbonate  with traces of the Strontium made from the Egg Shells that is free from Heavy Metal and  or volume down  or negligible  and helps to improve reduce the risk of  Osteo-porosis and  helps to improve the  bone mineral density.

  • How  the NESC ® are produced by Microcore ?

    Microcore has developed  patented technologies carefully manufactured by enzymatic process and novel technology to enhanced porosity of the micro granulars of  egg shell and nano  binding of the other actives. and manufactured  from FSSAI, HALAL, ISO 22000 and GMP certified facilities.