NESMzyme - Unique Enzymes to cleave  collagen & Elastin complex from NESM- for LIGAMENT REPAIR

What is NESMzyme?

Microcore has more than two decades of experiences in research, manufacturing and scale up of Natural Egg Shell Membrane and the new innovations helps us to cleave the Specific Collagen and Elastin site of  NESM. NESMzyme-C is an effective in most animal protein applications. These include fish and meat protein hydrolysates, gelatin and hydrolyzed collagen, how ever NESMzyme-C s also suitable for protein extraction from other sources such Natural Egg Shell Membrane and yeast. NESMzyme-C is complex of eight enzymes identified were two aminopeptidases, two dipeptidyl peptidases, three endopeptidases, and one α-amylase from the A. oryzae strain MRL-1019 and that has the potential to produce 7,000 to 12,000  NNP u/g (FAN ESTIMATION BY NINHYDRIN METHOD) by  SSF.



NESMzyme-C helps to detache and cleave the collagen complex including the elastin complex format the Egg Membrane as it works on specifics site and helps to extract Collagen and Elastin Complex form NESM, several studies are under development for both oral and Injection on the ligaments damages.
Frequently Ask Questions

  • Where it is used ?

    To help as direct as oral supplement and also developments are under progress to make it as injectable for the ligament repair and clinical studies are under progress.


  • What are the advantages of NESMzyme ?

    cleave the Specific Collagen and Elastin site of NESM and helps to produce specific fraction from Natural Egg Shell Membrane

  • How  the NESMzyme are produced by Microcore ?

    Microcore has developed unique Strain which are GRAS and  multi stage solid state fermentations process to produce the same.


  • When the NESMzyme  and Specific Collagen and Elastin fractions  of  NESM will be launched by Microcore ?

    The clinical studies and are under progress and Microcore is expected to launch it by 2024






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