clinically Validated | microcore NEMPET®  for Bone & Joint formula in DOGS & CATS|

B2B - Microcore Joint-venture with Akums

Akums Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd and Microcore has entered into a joint venture to develope Bone and Joint formula for pets.  The patented technologies enables to produce pure ingredient that contains no  artificial additives, no preservatives and no pesticides or chemicals residues of any kind. Complete QA test is being carried right from the crude raw material and at each and every stage of the refining process to ensure residue free products for the complete integration of all active molecules. Microcore holds the  intellectual property rights for the production of NESM and the facility is of State of Art in the country. Akums has developed the unique formula that has great desire and attractant to admire the attention of the pets and it helps healthy maintenance of joints and connective tissues in pets.

What are the key nutrients present in NEMPET® ?(a) Nutrient Powerhouse containing Collagen (I,III,V,X), Elastin, Chondroitin sulfate, Glycosaminoglycans, (mucopolysaccharides), Hyaluronic acid, many fractional active bio-peptides, Glucosamine, Dermatan, Keratan sulphate, Membranous protein, Hyaluronic acid etc and other fractional molecules that includes, Growth factor β, Ovocalixin, Ovocleidin, Ovotransferrin, Desmosine, Isodesmosine and Sulphur-bearing amino acids as essential to maintaining healthy joint and connective tissues.
(b) pH range of (8 to 9) serves an alkaline food and supports multiple ways to improve health system.
(c) Biogenic precursor to fix cartilage damages.



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