Probioalbumin - probiotics embedded Egg Albumin Powder- health Drink & Supplements


What is Probio-albumin?

  • Probioalbumin is a an Egg Albumin Protein embedded with he desired probiotics and standardized for suitable absorption to support and weight gain and over all health management.  One scoup or an approximate of 30 grams of protein powder with protein index value above 85 % is obtained from ~ 22 Eggs .
    *Enriched with Ovotransferrin (12%)
    *Enriched with Natural Lysozyme (3%)
    *Embedded with  Lactobacillus sporogensis 2000 million CFU/g and Saccharomyces boullardi 2000 million CFU/g.
    *Alkaline foods

*Excellent whipping properties
*Free from gluten.
*Free from residues.

*Free from glycemic index

*Free from Cholesterol

*Manufactured as per the EU & Japanese Regulations.
*Better solubility.
*SO 22000, BRC, KOSHER and Halal certified.


Natural and Enzymatically processed, free from anti nutritional factors lactobacillus sporogenisis improves the gut health and saccharomyces boulradi produces immunoglobulin to support health management and weight gain.



Frequently Ask Questions

  • Where it is used ?

    To help as health supplement, protein supplement, weight gain, energizing  to reduce the fat absorption, weight management and clinical studies are under progress.


  • What are the advantages of Probioalbumin ?

    Multiple health benefits with the unique composition of the Alkaline protein and Probiotics to help on protein absorption and weight gain.

  • How  the Probioalbumin  are produced by Microcore ?

    Microcore has developed unique enzymatic technologies  by green chemistry.


  • When the Probioalbumin  will be launched by Microcore ?

    The clinical studies and are under progress and Microcore is expected to launch it by 2024






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