Research and Development






Research Laboratories

Our R&D facilities are well equipped with Standard operating procedures (SOP), Equipment operating procedure (EOP),Instrument operating procedures (IOP), Standard Assay procedures (SAP), Standard Analytical Procedures (SANP), Standard Microbiological Methods (SMM), Standard Molecular biology Methods (SMOM) and Material Safety and Data Sheet (MSDS).

Our Research activities follow documenting "what we do and what we write " we believe that all our innovations and development works needs to be well documented, hence we follow dedicated RESEARCH RECORD NOTE BOOKS that contains 500 pages for each project. Our research record note books are regularly updated on daily basis and the experiment details and results will discussed on weekly review meeting with all our Scientists, Task persons, Project Coordinators and Project Leaders.

Our R&D laboratory is equipped with branded and imported equipments and instruments for developing fermentation upstream and downstream technologies, screening microbial metabolites, microbial discovery, food process development, validation and optimization of process technologies at lab, and semi pilot and pilot scale level. Our R&D is also equipped with advanced analytical instruments and categorized as

Upstream R&D Lab
Primarily focus on new strain and metabolite discovery for specific target and strain development by classical mutagenesis  methods yield improvement and  impurity reduction by strain and variant selection and enhancing the upstream yields by optimization studies.


Downstream R&D Lab
Primarily works on enhancing  downstream lab scale and pilot scale process activities towards yield improvement, separation, recovery and purification.


Enzyme Application R&D Lab
Works on developing various enzyme formulations for human as well as Animal Nutrition. The lab focuses on developing effective, yet side-effect-free medications for common as well as challenging disease conditions.


Analytical R&D Lab
Works on developing various  analytical methods.

Lab safety measures

Safety is our first priority and we ensure safety in all our activities.

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