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About Microcore

Microcore develops and manufactures nutraceuticals by a deep core of cutting-edge, patented and proprietary technologies. Since its establishment in 2007, the company has enjoyed accelerated growth, generating impressive sales worldwide, by launching a diverse portfolio of innovative products. Microcore's multi-disciplinary team, including scientists, engineers and business development professionals, have an outstanding track record in turning science into commercially attractive, nutritional solutions, constantly enriching our unique cluster of technology and expertise. Currently, Microcore product portfolio are targeted on Arthritis, Bone & Joint weakness and Osteoporosis segments. Humbly Microcore is one among the very few companies in the world that has granted patent for the production on clinically validated Natural Egg Shell Membrane product ranges and Chicken Sternum Collagen Complex Type-2  product ranges. The manufacturing facility is State of Art  in the country and approved by FSSAI/Standard Division/Nutraceuticals and certified for IS0 22,000,GMP and Halal. The core focus is on developing sustainable technologies and products , primarily dealing with Osteo-arthritis | Osteoporosis | Osteo-penia | Rheumatoid Arthritis | BONE | JOINTS| SKIN |CONNECTIVE TISSUES/ HAIR/ NAIL wellness.


The visionary was founded by Shri M.Chandra Mohan is an Entrepreneurial Scientist fundamentally a Microbiologist & Bio-Process engineer. His vision is to develop highly innovative and potent Nutraceuticals as intelligent food supplements. He firmly believed the conceptualization of "MADE IN INDIA" hence he single handedly made the enablement with strong support of his dedicated and loyal employees. He is so certain to dedicate his life time earnings in to research  (2007-2016) to visualize the concept of "MADE IN INDIA" His professional  experiences includes Associate Scientific Manager at Biocon Ltd and also served as Scientific & Technical consultant for more than 500 companies on broad spectrum of Pharma biotech, Biologicals, Bio-similar, Nutraceuticals, Food Processing, API, Enzymes etc in both domestic and overseas. He invested entire  consultation revenues for his dedicated research and established the commercial activities from 2016 for both Domestic and export business.


He was not supported with any private or federal funds or schemes for his innovative research, perhaps today it remains valuable intellectual  property rights. Bankers saw him as high risk and Govt schemes has rejected his proposals and he was so determined not to engage international partners who are keen to  buy Microcore's technologies and Quit. However his single minded dedications made the establishment "MADE IN INDIA" and today his innovations helps to  largely cut down the import duty of the Natural Egg Shell Membrane & Un-denatured Collagen Type-ii from USA and enabled to contribute GDP. It took one decade for him to develop many such innovative nutraceuticals molecules. Humbly, today Microcore is one among the four companies in the world that has advanced, patented technologies and supported with  regulatory compliances and clinical studies. Today Microcore is  emerging as Asia's largest manufacturer for specialty Nutraceuticals on "MADE IN INDIA"






Microcore  is a an unique example for the development of the sustainable technologies on "MADE IN INDIA" with persistent efforts we could  establish   *     RAW MATERIAL is "MADE IN INDIA" *        Patented TECHNOLOGY is "MADE IN INDIA" *    Formulation Nano Technology is "MADE IN INDIA"  *     Finished Product is "MADE IN INDIA" *   Innovator is Citizen of India *      Clinical Studies are Conducted on Osteo-arthritis patients  in India (Citizen of India)  and foresee  as potential global  player in Biotech based  Nutraceuticals, with great feel that  the products are on PAN and serves every Osteo-arthritis  patients to get benefited.















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Vision and Mission

What we do ?

We develop clinically-validated products including bio-functional, collagen-based compounds that address a wide spectrum of growing consumer demands, such as optimal development, supplementation for nutritional deficiencies. The comprehensive solutions we develop and manufacture are sold to major consumer companies through our global sales and marketing infrastructure.

How do we do ?

We employ proprietary technologies to produce Natural Egg Membrane ranges of products harvested from natural sources, transforming these raw materials into unique and clinically-proven collagen based products. These products are familiar to the human body and possess healthy life.


To discover, develop innovative and highly potent Nutraceuticals and intelligent food products to support healthy life.


* To produce egg membrane and un-denatured collagen type-II ranges of products that can prevent and treat a wide variety of bone and joint pain.
* Manufacture highly potent innovative Nutraceuticals.


Discover and Develop Innovative Nutraceutical products of international standards through "MADE IN INDIA" 


Meet Our Team

Our Management Team


The first generation Entrepreneurial Scientist, Promoter and Managing Director of Microcore. He holds Master degree in Science (Applied Microbiology) from Presidency College -University of Madras (Gold Medalist and University Topper).  He has over 20 years of experience in research, operation, production and management of Biotech industries. He is a visionary to bring highly innovative health care products in to Domestic market with international standards and incorporated Microcore Research Laboratories India Pvt Limited in the year 2007. He firmly believes the concept of "MADE IN INDIA"  and emphasis work model of *  RAW MATERIALS are "MADE IN INDIA" * Patented TECHNOLOGIES are  Innovated in India or "MADE IN INDIA"  * Formulation Technologies are  "MADE IN INDIA" * Innovator is Citizen of India and the Consumer is Indian Citizen, he   firmly believes that "Self-sufficient economy" is the true contribution to the Nation to increase GDP and earn FOREX and  strive for excellence for the enablement of "MADE IN INDIA"   and launched many innovative molecules that are clinically validated. www.jointcore.us His previous experiences includes Associate Scientific Manager at Biocon Biopharmaceuticals Ltd www.biocon.com , Bangalore, India. His expertise includes secondary metabolites, echinocandin, polyketides, (Small molecules generics), high value enzyme fermentations, API fermentation, Biological, Cell Culture Fermentation, egg process, natural egg shell membrane  collagen, Chicken sternum collagen type-2, modified starch, dietary fiber research and manufacturing.

Recipient of several awards.

2022- Recipient of  INDIA SME TOP 100 AWARD by SME FORUM INDIA



2018 - Recipient of  A.P.J.ABDUL KALAM EXCELLENCE AWARD Citizens for integration and Peace Institute Delhi India.
2018 - Recipient of GOAL ACHIEVER AWARD  from the Glorious Organization for Accelerated Literacy Delhi, India.
2012 - Recipient of MOTHER TERESA EXCELLENCE AWARD from Integrated Council for Soci-Economic Progress (reg) Bangalore Karnataka, India.
2009 - Recipient of OUT STANDING YOUNG PERSON AWARD from Jaycees India, JCI Erode Tex City Tamil Nadu India.
2009 - Recipient of BEST POSTER AWARD at ICFOST 2009 Screening and Purification of Agro-Processing Wastes for the Production of Dietary Fibers. Poster presentation 20th Indian Convention of Food Scientist and Technologists.
2005 - Recipient of BIO CONTRIBUTE AWARD from CMD BIOCON Ltd Kiran Mazumdar Shaw Bangalore, India.
2004 - Recipient of OUT STANDING BIO CONTRIBUTE AWARD from CMD BIOCON Ltd Kiran Mazumdar Shaw Bangalore, India.
2003 - Recipient of BIO CONTRIBUTE AWARD from CMD BIOCON Ltd Kiran Mazumdar Shaw Bangalore, India.

2002 - Recipient of OUT STANDING BIO CONTRIBUTE AWARD from CMD BIOCON Ltd Kiran Mazumdar Shaw Bangalore, India.






Mrs. Priya Chandramohan

Masters in Business Administration , brings with her a rich experience of over 10 years in Finance, She holds successful track records in Merge and Acquisition of poultry & food products industries. 



Managing Director
First generation Entrepreneurial Scientist, Promoter and Managing Director of Microcore.