• About us

    Microcore develops and manufactures nutritional ingredients and medical foods, driven by a deep core of cutting-edge, proprietary technologies. Since its establishment in 2007, the company has enjoyed accelerated growth, generating impressive sales worldwide, by launching a diverse portfolio of innovative products.

    Microcore's multi-disciplinary team, including scientists, engineers and business development professionals, have an outstanding track record in turning science into commercially attractive, nutritional solutions, constantly enriching our unique cluster of technology and expertise.
    Currently, Microcore product portfolio address Arthritis, Bone & Joint weakness and Osteoporosis through highly potent nutrition ingredients such as Natural Egg Shell Membrane Collagen and Natural Egg Shell Membrane Collagen Concentrate. Egg Membrane products are produced from "State of Art facility" in the country from Food Safety Standards of India and Halal approved facility.
    Microcore is envisioned to launch Chicken Sternum Collagen Type-2 (UC-2) ranges of products  before  2022


    What We Do ?

    We develop clinically-validated products including bio-functional, collagen-based compounds that address a wide spectrum of growing consumer demands, such as optimal development, supplementation for nutritional deficiencies. The comprehensive solutions we develop and manufacture are sold to major consumer companies through our global sales and marketing infrastructure.

    How Do We Do ?

    We employ proprietary technologies to produce Natural Egg Membrane ranges of products  harvested from natural sources, transforming these raw materials into unique and clinically-proven collagen based products. These products are familiar to the human body and possess healthy life.



    To discover, develop innovative and highly potent Nutraceuticals and intelligent food products to support healthy life.


    * To produce egg membrane ranges of products that can prevent and treat a wide variety of bone and joint pain.
    * Manufacture highly potent innovative Nutraceuticals.


    Discover and Develop Innovative Nutraceutical products