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  • Research

    We are open and receptive to access pre-formed expert groups or project teams, or to individuals to help you define, understand and solve the problems in various areas of biotechnology. Our services covers

    Industrial Research (IR)
    Process development (PCD)
    Product development (PRD)
    Discovery and Development

We define our core competencies in line with major technology platforms, all of which can be applied to a broad spectrum of Biotech. Technology competencies covered: Developing products , process technologies: new processes, up scaling, separation, purification an product development.


Microcore develops intellectual property rights through continues research and development.  Cumulative experiences in R&D for the past two decade made Microcore to innovate and develop sever innovative solutions, today Microcore is  one among the few in the world that has unique technologies and dedicated Manufacturing facility for the production of Egg Membrane product range.

The facility is of State of Art  in the country.

Product portfolio

Natural Egg shell Membrane Collagen (NESMC)
Natural Egg Membrane Collagen Concentrate (NESMCC)
Natural Egg Shell Calcium Carbonate (NESC) Natural                                                                                           Natural Chicken Sternum Collagen II (NCSCII) 

Product pipeline 

  • Chicken_sternum_UC-2_Insoluble
  • Chicken_sternum_UC-2_Soluble
  • Chicken_sternum_UC-2(H)
  • Chicken_sternum_collagen_type2_concentrate
  • Soluble Egg Shell Membrane Collagen (ESMC)
    Collagen Concentrate (CC)
  • Elastin Concentrate (EC)