Calcium Supplement - aqua feeds

Description White fine powder
Arsenic Nil
Heavy Metals Nil
Barium Nil
Iron Nil
Chloride Nil
Sulphate Nil
Nitrate Nil
Reducing Substances To test pass
Proteinous impurities Nil
Water To pass Test 0.2
Elemental Calcium 37.00%
Assay 100%

Calcium Supplement for Aquatic animals (Egg Shell origin)


We produce high pure Calcium Carbonate processed from Egg Shell Calcium by adopting our proprietary process technologies. The biggest advantage of Calcium from Egg Shell origin are free from heavy metals or considerable negligible heavy metals.

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Natural Egg Shell Membrane and Calcium (Pets Foods)


Our Egg Shell Membrane of food grade is most suitable for Pets food formulation as it contains 90 % Calcium and 10 % Egg Membrane of 60 % protein and in which 10% Collagen.

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Natural Egg Shell Calcium

In our spectrochemical studies of the trace element contents of animal and human bone, phosphate rock, and dolomite, the need arose to prepare  and /or match standards and samples high pure calcium salt and we found that Egg Shell the best alternative as bio calcium.

Test Specification

We have developed an environmentally beneficial and cost-effective method of producing food grade Calcium carbonate derived from Egg Shell which is high pure and odorless. It can be used in wide food formulations, calcium supplements capsule manufacturing etc it is safe, environmentally advantageous and biologically equivalent to best available in the market.