Research and Development- DISCOVERY

Discovery, screening and developing microbial database is always primary focus of Microcore and our proprietary collection of over 500 micro-organisms that includes rare Streptomyces, Fungi, Actinomycets, Myxomycetes for extensive applications.

We hold a propetiery strain and molecule data base for biotransformation, antimicrobials, Anticancer, Skin care protectant, antioxidants, echinocandin, polypeptides, polyketides, Caffeine degrading, fruity aroma volatile compounds, secondary metabolites, Butylhydroxytoluene, oleaginous, specialty enzymes, phospholipase A1, A2,Spinosad,  Laccase, thermos table phytase and fruity aroma compounds.

Strain Development (Classical Methods)

We have proven and excellent track records on classical mutagenesis (with acceptable mutagenic agents), protoplast, protoplast fusion, transformants.

Strain Development (Molecular Biology)

We have strong experiences in molecular biology and we are open for the projects on biosimilar, bioengineering and expression. We have expertise to manage E.coli, Aspergillus and Pichia expression system and open for the Contract Research.

Strain Discovery (Targets)

We have good collection of GRAS microorganism for Biotransformation and NCE.

Enzyme Discovery (Targets)

We have good collection of extreme enzymes producing GRAS microorganism and open for association to explore the applications.