cUT & FIRE WOUND RECOVERY- Modified Egg Membrane - tetrahedrally Ligand bound Zinc & Silver nitrate -PRECLINICAL


Invitro Studies

Microcore developed novel and patent registered technologies of modified egg membrane bound tetrahedrally with Zinc and Silver nitrate and the  helps  matrix metalloproteinase type 2 (MMP-2) enzyme activation and increased alpha-smooth muscle actin (α-SMA) production in the preclinical studies. The extra cellular matrix (ECM) plays a fundamental role in regulating cell behavior, including proliferation, migration, and differentiation, which are essential processes in wound healing. Membrane-derived powder likely contains components that mimic or enhance the functions of the Modified Egg Membrane with Zinc and AgNo3 thereby promoting cell activity in vitro with following findings demonstrated the ability of cells to multiply is critical for tissue regeneration. In vitro models helps to assess the effect of membrane-derived powder on enhancing cell proliferation, which accelerates the formation of new tissue at the wound site and also helps the cells need to migrate to the site of injury for wound closure. Modified Egg Membrane with Zinc and AgNo3 facilitate cell migration by  promoting efficient wound closure. It also helps deposition and re-modeling recovery components. In vitro models helps to evaluate how  re-modeling by fibroblasts and other cells involved in tissue repair. The formation of new blood vessels is crucial for delivering oxygen and nutrients to the wound site. In vitro models helps to stimulates angiogenesis, thereby promoting faster wound healing.  It is note that the In vitro models help to assess how Modified Egg Membrane with Zinc and AgNo3 influences the inflammatory response, ensuring it is appropriately regulated for efficient wound healing. We learned from in vitro cell models, that it can gain insights into the mechanisms underlying the wound healing process and evaluate the therapeutic potential of Modified Egg Membrane with Zinc and AgNo3 with other wound healing agents. These models provide a controlled environment to study specific cellular responses and interactions, facilitating the development of novel strategies to enhance wound healing in clinical settings.


Modified Egg Shell Membrane Sheets 10*10 cm


Microcore developed the successful out come of the Modified Egg Membrane Sheets as most suitable for the accidental wound and surgical procedures and the further development are under research.

Pre-clinical Studies under progress

The study is novel and first time in the world.
Modified Egg Membrane bound tetrahedrally with Zinc and Silver nitrate effect on cut wound healing process  to mediates quick and fast wound healing in Rats models. Overall, the study represents a promising advancement in wound healing research, offering a potentially groundbreaking approach to promoting rapid and efficient wound healing with implications for clinical practice. Combining modified egg membrane with tetrahedrally bound zinc and silver nitrate is a novel approach to wound healing. This combination likely offers unique properties that promote tissue regeneration and antimicrobial activity, which are crucial for successful wound healing. Zinc is known to play a role in various cellular processes, including proliferation, migration, and ECM synthesis, all of which are essential for wound healing. Silver nitrate has potent antimicrobial properties, which can prevent infection and promote a sterile wound environment conducive to healing. By tethering these compounds to the egg membrane, their effects could be sustained and targeted to the wound site, enhancing their efficacy. Rats are commonly used in wound healing studies due to their physiological similarities to humans. Demonstrating accelerated wound healing in rat models suggests the potential translational relevance of this approach to human wound care. The study likely investigates the mechanisms underlying the enhanced wound healing observed with the modified egg membrane bound tetrahedrally with zinc and silver nitrate. Understanding these mechanisms can provide valuable insights into the cellular and molecular processes involved in wound healing and how they can be modulated for therapeutic benefit. Accelerated wound healing would reduce the risk of infection, minimize scarring, and improve patient outcomes. While zinc and silver nitrate have beneficial effects in wound healing, safety considerations regarding their dosage, potential toxicity, and long-term effects need to be thoroughly evaluated in preclinical and clinical studies.


Frequently Ask Questions

  • Where it is used ?

    Accidental fire and cut wounds


  • What are the advantages of Modified Egg Membrane with Zinc & AgNo3 ?

    Novel molecule which that accelerate the wound healing process..

  • How  the Modified Egg Membrane with Zinc & AgNo3 are produced by Microcore ?

    Microcore has developed unique process by using bio-transformation and green chemistry.


  • When the Modified Egg Membrane with Zinc & AgNo3 will be launched by Microcore ?

    The clinical studies and are under progress and Microcore is expected to launch it by 2027






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