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Supply of clinically validated and branded bio-actives for bone and joint formulas, cosmetics, and finished products in both capsule and tablet forms. The key points highlighted include : Product Range: Microcore provides bio-actives for bone and joint formulas, as well as cosmetics. The products are available in both capsule and tablet forms. Safety and Results: The company emphasizes that their products are 100% safe and yield 100% results. Made in India: Microcore takes pride in the fact that its products are 100% made in India, indicating a commitment to local manufacturing. Supply Channels: The company uses Akums Drugs and Pharma for the supply of finished products. Additionally, Microcore may directly supply clinically validated blends. Natural Eggshell Membrane (NESM): Microcore is the sole manufacturer of Natural Eggshell Membrane (NESM) in India. The NESM product has an innovative and patented technology that does not involve the use of chemicals or solvents in the purification process. Intellectual Property Protection: The technology related to NESM is protected by patents, trademarks, copyrights, and complies with regulatory standards. Collaboration with Akums Drugs and Pharma: Microcore has entered into a partnership with Akums Drugs and Pharma. Akums will leverage NESM to develop dietary supplements aimed at maintaining healthy joints and connective tissues. Innovative Approach by Akums: The collaboration with Akums is portrayed as an innovative move, addressing a gap in the supplements market. This information highlights Microcore's focus on quality, safety, and innovation in the production of bio-actives and finished products, particularly those related to bone and joint health. The partnership with Akums suggests a strategic approach to expanding their product offerings in the dietary supplement market.

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January 2024

Akums Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd and Microcore has entered into a joint venture to develope Bone and Joint formula for pets

October 2022

Akums Drugs ties up with Microcore Research to manufacture NESM supplements



A Novel Approach for easy to walk


why Microcore's NESM Collagen - I,III,V,X  & Elastin Complex  ?

Why Muttaijow Complex ® & MuttaioduJow ® are Important ?

Collagen is indeed a crucial protein that plays a structural role in various tissues. As you mentioned, Collagen Type I is predominant in the skin, tendon, vascular ligature, organs, and bone. Collagen Type II is a major component of cartilage, while Collagen Type III is often found alongside Type I in reticular fibers. Collagen V is present in cell surfaces, hair, and placenta, and Collagen X is associated with articular cartilage. The Muttaijow Complex® and MuttaioduJow® that you mentioned appear to be products containing a combination of collagen types I, III, V, and X, along with other components such as elastin, chondroitin sulfate, glucosaminoglycans, hyaluronic acid, and bio-peptides. These products claim to be nutrient powerhouses containing various essential substances for joint and skin health, such as glycosaminoglycans, dermatan sulfate, and keratan sulfate.

Clinical References of Microcore's NESM & Microcore's NESC 



Clinical studies CTRI/2021/08/035335

Clinical studies CTRI/2023/02/049901



Meet Our Brands

Leading Brands in India

Microcore has more than 12 brands of Natural Egg Shell Membrane in India.


Contains NEMC 96% 500 mg and AKBA 30% 300 mg serves effectively even for the aged patients.


Contains 400 mg of NESM ( MUTTAIJOW COMPLEX  400 mg +CUMINCORE 10mg+ AKBACORE  90mg )


Contains NESM 500 mg+Boswellia serrate 300 mg

Pipeline products

MIcrocore  team is  in to advanced research to develop egg membrane based wound healing dust/pads/bandage/ for diabetic patients.

Egg Membrane Biofilm Wound healing

Clinical Trials under progress for the scale up of  Egg Membrane bioflims for wound healing and recovery..

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